Sponsored equity and credit research of Mexican firms

Miranda Global Research

Miranda Global Research is a provider of independent, high-quality equity and debt research on publicly listed companies. We distribute such research through local broker dealers and global independent research platforms. Our clients include companies (for corporate sponsored research), and investment banks and portfolio managers (outsourced research). We also provide private companies with financial and strategic planning advice.

Miranda Intelligence

Miranda Intelligence, a new division of www.miranda-partners.com, cuts through the noise and complexity of Mexico’s political and business ecosystem to put your finger on the pulse of sector-specific developments and actionable intelligence. See our substack account for free and paid reports, including Puso de los Medios, Market Monitor, Timely Special Reports, AMLO’s Mañanera, Fintech Monitor, Energy Monitor and Pulso Político. We will be adding more products and reports over time. We can also do bespoke reports and consultancies on request.

About us

We are a group of professionals with a combined experience of more than 50 years in Latin American financial markets.

Our Services

Designed to adapt to each company’s unique needs.

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Credit Research

Macroeconomic Research

Portfolio Management

Financial Planning

Strategic Planning

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Our team is made up of analysts and experts with comprehensive careers and experience in the financial markets.

We offer customized solutions.

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